*NEW* BATTLE 101® 

Battle 101® is a new and exciting way to have a go at Battle Archery and axe throwing, without trying to book into a minimum group size of 6 for Battle Archery.

This is an exclusive version of our original Battle Archery with new and exciting games, which is tactical and extremely fun for all. We will teach you everything we know, our tricks, our techniques, and how we train before engaging in battles (as we love to join in the games).


This session also includes basic axe throwing training where you will learn to throw, and trying and gain the highest score overall. Throwing at cards and zombies.

Who will be the champion?

Minimum 2 person (so you can have a shoot off against each other, maximum of 6 people

Special 2021 introductorily offer price of £45 per adult and £30 per child 

12 years old and above for 2.5 hours

Please drop us a message for availability.


What will be involved?

  • Learning to shoot a bow,

  • Various bow techniques,

  • How to load faster, 

  • Shooting from behind obstructions - shooting foam targets,

  • Trickshots, Mini battle.

  • Then Axe throwing basics, throwing Angels Targets / multiple targets Hatchets and get the highest score.

Please note that this is nothing like our actual Battle Archery and Axe throwing sessions. This is a combination of the two which will teach you the basics and fundamentals of our actual full Battle Archery and Axe throwing sessions, hopefully giving you the edge and skills for when we can resume our normal Battle Archery operations.

FAQ Below




What to Expect

The activity lasts around 2.5 hours. You will be required to sign an online disclaimer, and for participants under the age of 18 a parent or guardian must sign on their behalf. You will be given a quick intro and safety briefing before getting to the fun part! Children between 12 and 17, a parent or Guardian must remain on site and in proximity during their session. 


Please see the calendar availability and book in online.  

Group sizes

Max group size is 6.  

What should I wear? 

Please wear footwear suitable for the outdoors, you may get muddy.  Wear something comfortable and loose enough to allow for a full range of movement. Something you do not mind getting dirty.

Wear a face mask if you wish, bring alcohol gel and a change of clothes.

Please do not wear anything you could lose during the session e.g. rings, ear rings, expensive watches etc.

Who can participate?

Anyone over the age of 12 can participate if they can pull back the bow. We have junior bows available if children struggle with our larger bows. For children, our throwing angels are the perfect size and weight for them. These tools are blunt and safe to use.


If you have an ongoing arm, back or shoulder injury you may wish to speak to your doctor before taking part.

Children between 12 and 17, a parent or Guardian must remain on site and in proximity during their session. 

Do you have left handed bows?

Our bows are ambidextrous.

What type of arrows do you use? Are they Safe?

We use specially designed safety foam-tipped arrows.  Only equipment provided on the day can be used in a battle. 


Our area is on a flat grassy pitch of land. We are able to accommodate wheelchairs and we have instructed people with a range of disabilities.

If special arrangements may be necessary, please let us know in advance and we will take reasonable steps to assist.


Spectators are welcome but must follow our safety rules and must not enter the gamezone. Children between 12 and 17, a parent or Guardian must remain on site and in proximity during their session. 


We have a 2 day cancellation policy.  

We reserve the right to cancel the session due to inclement weather, however conditions would have to be pretty extreme for this to happen.

If using vouchers, we will only reschedule the session if we have been given advance warning of up to 48 hours, unless the voucher has not been redeemed or is past its expiry date. If cancelled on the day, I'm afraid you will lose your activity slot.

Do you allow alcohol?

We allow alcohol on site, but this is not for consumption whilst you are participating in the activities. We will not allow anyone to participate if they are under the influence as this is dangerous and a health and safety risk. 


Avon Valley toilet facilities inside the park are now open to the public. 

ALL PORTALOO'S ARE FOR AVON VALLEY CAMPERS ONLY. Please do not use the portaloos as these are specifically assigned to individual campers on-site to combat the risk of spreading Covid-19!

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy :D

Is parking available? 

Yes, there is plenty of free parking on site.