Please read some of the information below to make booking in as smooth and easy as possible. Most of the answers to your questions are on our website. But if you can't find it, please do not hesitate to ask?

When booking in, please ensure your have selected the correct service. This is the 'BOOK WITH A VOUCHER CODE' service. For the online payment, please click on the activities and book through using EOLA.CO

Please double check with your voucher site and send us the correct information or you will not be booked in until we are able to redeem the voucher.  



When filling out the form, please provide 'NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, and CONTACT NUMBER' of all your participants so we can send you all the online waiver to sign.


You will receive a secondary confirmation email from Eola.co

Please note that we will need to send each person participating, the online waiver to be completed before arriving for your session.

We are sorry for any inconvenience as we are trying to go 100% paperless to reduce the possible risk of spreading viruses.



If you are booking into a Battle Archery session. Please make sure you are booking with a group size of SIX people in accordance with the current government guidelines.


Each voucher site has it own unique reference number, 

- Serial Number and Pin code or

- 10 digital pin code or 

- Security Code, which will be shown on your voucher.

Please note that we are a third party service provider and therefore any issues you may have with the voucher(s) you must contact the voucher company to resolve.

Don't forget to send us the Serial Number and Pin code, or 10 digital pin code, or the Security Code or this will delay your booking process.

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