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Terms and Conditions

Payments for all sessions are to be made in full at the time of the booking, unless you have transferred the full amount before the booking. On the day, we take credit / debit cards or cash.

Cancellation Notice: We must receive advance notice, 48 hours prior to the session start date. Battle Archery Ltd reserves the right to cancel a session if: The group size is inadequate (for Battle Archery Only – Require minimum of 6 participants), Adverse weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. Any cancelled session will be rescheduled to another date and time.

We reserve the right to change the session type if for example, the Battle Archery group is too small on the day or if there is too much wind for Aerial Archery. We will adapt the session as required. If using vouchers, we will reschedule the session as required, unless the voucher has not been redeemed or is past its expiry date.

Weather Conditions: We will contact you in case of adverse weather or inadequate conditions – once a session is booked, presume it will go ahead unless we contact you. If the session is affected by the weather, or deemed unsafe to carry on. Then we will offer to reschedule your session to another date. Should you wish to proceed with the full session, then no rescheduling will be offered.

Medical Declaration / Health and Safety: Any person having any session with Battle Archery® Ltd must be medically fit to participate in their chosen activity. If you have any medical condition(s) or take a medication that affects the activity? You must inform us during booking in and before the start of the session.

Under 18’s: Any child under 18 years old must have a parent / guardian on site at all times.

Risk: There is an element of risk with any activity and the Marshal(s) / instructor(s) are there for your safety. Their instructions and the rules must be followed to avoid any injuries and unnecessary risks. Please ensure you declare any medical issues / medication. You must not participate in any session under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol. If we see that you are unfit to participate, or unable to follow instructions and the rules, or you pose a risk to others? You will be removed from the session with no refund offered.

Equipment: All our equipment is checked for safety before and after every session, but damages and breakage can occur during a session(s). It is your responsibility to inform the Marshal(s) / instructor(s) or the person in charge of any damaged equipment. Failure to do so could lead to injury or even death. If you feel there are any issues with the equipment, please inform us as soon as possible so we may rectify the problem or remove it from use.

Photography and Video(s): Photo(s) and/or video(s) will be taken on the day (free of charge) unless specified otherwise. Any photo or video will be placed on our social media to help promote Battle Archery as well as share between the participants. All participants will be wearing masks, but if you do not wish to have any of your photos placed on any of our social media pages, please let us know. We will always do our best to respect your wishes.

If taking a bus in? There are multiple bus stops on Bath Road just outside the trading estate.

You can check out some of the bus routes via https://bustimes.org/localities/saltford 

But the two main buses that pass our location are the First Bus 39 and x39. Then, follow the brown signs to Avon Valley Park, You will have to walk over the small railway bridge and you will see the entrance to the Park. Please take the left car park to head to our main office.

(Please be aware that when walking over the bridge, there are vehicles that also use the bridge and the bridge is for single line of traffic.)

See map below for the bus stops.

If you wish to catch a train to us? The nearest train station is in Keynsham and then you will have to walk to our location. There are various routes to us, please see map below for the routes from the train station..

What do we have at Battle Archery® Ltd?

  • We have two Battle Archery game zones

  • An aerial archery range with two machines (depending on numbers participating)

  • An outdoor throwing range up to 12 at a time

  • Sheltered target archery range (location shown in Yellow)

  • BBQs and shelter with comfy sofas

  • Large grassy area to relax in between sessions

  • Large car park

  • Clean drinkable water (Bring your own bottles)

  • On site recycling and waste bins

At this point in time, our toilet facilities are based inside Avon Valley park, therefore we will give you free access - Terms and Conditions apply. You will need to come to us first to receive your entry stamp.

Should you wish to use the toilet facilities or get some food in the park after your session, please let us know and will we provide an entry stamp for access


Terms and Conditions with Park Entrance

You may only have the Free Entry Stamp into the park if you are participating in at least one of our activities or someone you are with is currently participating with us e.g. couples, family member, a friend. This is also down to the discretion of our staff on site to offer the entry stamp and they will have the right to refuse the stamp as Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park is a separate company to us.


Please do not expect instant access with your whole family even if you've book in one or two people to do the activity. The access is mainly for paying customers in accordance with the agreement with Avon Valley. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you