While we only operate on a small portion of land based on the outskirts of Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park. We utilize all we can with the area, making it comfortable, usable and fun when you arrive on site for your activities.

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Battle Archery, Axe throwing, Ultimate throwing Aerial Archery, Battle Royale


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Target Archery, Air Rifle Challenge

How to find us?

We are at Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park BS31 1TP.

The postcode will take you into a trading estate. If you head towards Keynsham recycling centre, then over the small single lane railway bridge, you will see Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park.


As you drive down the driveway, there are TWO car parks. Take the left car park (unless stated otherwise in your confirmation email) and find a parking space. Then walk down to your far left towards the green and blue shipping container offices past the gamezone to find us. If you see the alpacas, then you are heading in the right direction.

Parking spaces at the main Battle Archery office are reserved for staff and customers with mobility issues. 


Please do not head up to Avon Valley's main reception as we are a separate company to them and they will send you back to our main office.

How to get to us?

We are located in Keynsham / Saltford between Bath and Bristol City.

If driving to us, just follow the Sat Nav pass the trading estate (Ashmead Road or Pixash Lane) up to the recycling centre and over the small bridge (please be aware that this access is for two way traffic, so please slow down when going over). The other way to enter is to drive past Waitrose (on your left), just off the keynsham bypass roundabout, taking a right under the railway bridge and then taking the next right down the back lane up to the park gates where you will take a sharp left. Please note that cars may be coming from your RIGHT!

Map of Battle Archery.png

If taking a bus in? There are multiple bus stops on Bath Road just outside the trading estate.

You can check out some of the bus routes via 

But the two main buses that pass our location are the First Bus 39 and x39. Then, follow the brown signs to Avon Valley Park, You will have to walk over the small railway bridge and you will see the entrance to the Park. Please take the left car park to head to our main office.

(Please be aware that when walking over the bridge, there are vehicles that also use the bridge and the bridge is for single line of traffic.)

See map below for the bus stops.

Bus stops.png

If you wish to catch a train to us? The nearest train station is in Keynsham and then you will have to walk to our location. There are various routes to us, please see map below for the routes from the train station..


What do we have at Battle Archery® Ltd?

  • We have two Battle Archery game zones

  • An aerial archery range with two machines (depending on numbers participating)

  • An outdoor throwing range up to 12 at a time

  • Sheltered target archery range (location shown in Yellow)

  • BBQs and shelter with comfy sofas

  • Large grassy area to relax in between sessions

  • Large car park

  • Clean drinkable water (Bring your own bottles)

  • On site recycling and waste bins

At this point in time, our toilet facilities are based inside Avon Valley park, therefore we will give you free access - Terms and Conditions apply. You will need to come to us first to receive your entry stamp.

Should you wish to use the toilet facilities or get some food in the park after your session, please let us know and will we provide an entry stamp for access


Terms and Conditions with Park Entrance

You may only have the Free Entry Stamp into the park if you are participating in at least one of our activities or someone you are with is currently participating with us e.g. couples, family member, a friend. This is also down to the discretion of our staff on site to offer the entry stamp and they will have the right to refuse the stamp as Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park is a separate company to us.


Please do not expect instant access with your whole family even if you've book in one or two people to do the activity. The access is mainly for paying customers in accordance with the agreement with Avon Valley. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you

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