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Being Responsible and Sustainable.
Environmental Awareness

(Last update 02.12.22)

Why we should be aware of our environmental impact as a company?

The world is changing, recognising that we need to do more to protect the environment which will protect our future.

By making changes in the present day to reduce single-use items, and to look at closed loop sustainability, as well as to reuse items that have been thrown away because they are dated, we reduce the pollutants we put into our world.

There is so much waste out there in the world and there are many companies already out there that are on the front lines doing what they can to help


For us as an outdoor company, we wish to promote these changes and let our customers be aware of what we do, so that they may go away and make changes themselves. We have been pushing our own site to show what we can do with reclaim and recycled materials used on-site. As well as working with other companies with the same similar ethos. While we won't achieve being 100% sustainable as there is no way to get away with using day-to-day items, we will do our best to look at all solutions to reduce this over time.

What are we currently doing to help?

  • We are trying to become paperless on-site (about 80% at the moment), We have switched over to digital waiver forms to reduce our carbon footprint, but we still need some paper copies for on-site documents such as manuals, risk assessments, accident book, and mobile disclaimers etc..

  • We are using recycled and reclaim materials (Old tyres, oil drums, wood chip, wood waste, hardcore, shipping container, car batteries, our own equipment is even recycled).

  • Providing separate bins for general and recycled waste for the general public.

  • Our company was completely off the grid for the last 7 years, but due to demand we have recently install electricity on site so we can grow the centre and become more productive on site. We have been looking at working with companies to find the best solar panel installation, where they are using biodegradable components such as mycelium (Fungus). We are still using used car batteries to power up LED lights for our storage areas and sometimes for evening activities. We charge the batteries using a solar panel. 

  • We are promoting-circular economy.

  • We have spent the last 7 years cleaning out rubbish, plastic bags and empty bottles and cans along the River Avon between Avon Valley and Bitton's Picnic area. We are now working with Plastic patrol to pressurise companies to make a change to help reduce single-use plastics, and be responsible.

Who are we working with?

  • Various companies that deal with organic replacement to hard plastics and most composite material.

  • Local councils (Bristol, Bath and South Gloucestershire)

  • Conservation societies

  • National Trust

  • Bristol Museum

  • Planet Patrol - We do regular river cleans with their volunteers, helping us remove so much rubbish out of the River Avon

Why should you care about the environment?

Because your children's future depends on the changes we make now as the environment will take time to recover as well as break down the current overflow of waste we have produced over the last 100 years.

Plastics was a good invention?

Plastics were actually introduced to the world to solve environmental problems. Back in the day, we were killing animals, and various sea life (whales, Elephants, Rhinos are a very few examples) and using their bones to make ornaments, hair combs, cutlery, necklaces etc. It became such a problem that we were wiping out huge numbers to extinction.

So plastics were introduced to combat this problem.

Unfortunately, due to the way we have been using plastics over the last several decades (i.e. Single-use plastics), we have again damaged the environment and must look at alternative resources and technology.

Plastics are not the only problem we face, The chemicals that are used from manufacturing clothing, the water used to just make cotton tshirts, the harsh chemicals used to produce Bamboo clothing. The amount of Co2 we are creating is affecting the planet as a whole, warming up our oceans which are affecting numerous sea life as well as making the sea more acidic.

What changes can you make in your daily lives?

  • Recycle, not just your usual household groceries, but also any electronics, batteries, or furniture. They can either go to proper centres where they can reuse parts, or can be resold because people may be interested in antics,

  • Resell your items online, someone might have interest in your old stuff.

  • Reduce your purchase of single-use plastics such as cutlery, cups for kids parties, plates for bbq's, etc.

  • Stop using helium in balloons, There is a known shortage of helium deposits in the world and there is no way to replicate this gas. Helium is used to cool down MRI machines and other hospital equipments.

  • Pick up 1 bit of trash a day.

  • Take away your own trash if you're out and about.

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