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last update: 20/10/2022

For more information, please check the government website for new updates.

I've got Covid, what do I do?

If you are canceling your sessions, or requesting to reschedule your session due to contact with covid, or have been tested positive, please let us know as soon as possible before your sessions.


If you cancel on the day due to covid, please provide us with a screenshot of your lateral flow test or PCR results as evidence so we can document this and help reschedule you in accordance to our company policy. Thank you

We require everyone to sign in through our online waiver which is sent to individual email addresses via our booking system or for special parties (surprise guests, birthday stag and hen etc), disclaimers on the day.

All contact information is required, but will never be sold on or given to any other third party company in accordance with GDPR and our data protection policies. Failure to comply will delay your booking in process as well as your session on the day (should you arrive late).


All restrictions have been lifted, but we are still spraying our equipment between sessions.

Advisory Bulletpoints to Customers:

  • Optional: Wear a mask, bring your own alcohol gels, wear gloves if you must.

  • We will spray the equipment with surgical spirit before you pick up any item (90% alcohol). The reason why we spray the equipment is to minimize surface contact with items like hand dispensers.  

  • All disclaimers to be done online. Please ensure you complete the booking form with everyone's name and email so we can send you all the online waiver to complete. Failure to complete may delay you on the day, or reduce your session time.

All our instructors are first aid trained. If any incident occurs and is life-threatening, we will step in to preserve life until help arrives.

Please note: If you or any of your household is feeling ill, or have signs of Covid symptoms. Please do not attend the session. Call us immediately and we will reschedule you to a later date.

Our procedures will always keep updating during these unprecedented times. Please show some patience to our staff as we do our best to adapt our sessions.


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